Ask the author economics and online dating

10-Oct-2017 05:44

It's an approach that could have spared Blomquist and likely thousands of others like her who feel they wasted time and money trying to find love and companionship online.

Researchers of the online dating phenomenon have found a disciplined consumer strategy, rather than casual browsing, can result in success and satisfaction.

Oyer, a professor of economics at Stanford University, explained that it's important for people to reflect carefully on their online dating choices, asking themselves what they're hoping to get for the money and time they invest.

Following Oyer's logic, Blomquist's dissatisfaction can be linked to more than just a few dud dates.

She was also failing to question what each website uniquely offered, spending money for only a fraction of the benefits she sought.

"(Online daters) should spend wisely, asking themselves, 'How do I use this resource to efficiently cull through this very large market? Since no site, paid or unpaid, can guarantee a love connection, singles have to change the way they understand the fees.

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"Singles in America" reported that singles spend an average of .84 per month on dates, for items like sports or movie tickets."I don't think you have to pay for a site these days to do well," he said."But if you are really focused on committed, long-term relationships, paying money makes a little more sense." Today, one-in-four relationships begin online, and one-in-five new marriages are between couples who met on an online dating site.The authors show that already small chances of meeting people...

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