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The general rule has been to place first under each heading any references in the four volumes of The Indian Empire,' and then to follow with the references in the other volumes in alphabetical sequence, thus occasionally producing chronological disorder.

Thus, though the body of the work is increased from thirteen to twenty-four volumes, the number of pages of the Index has only risen propor- tionately from 350 to 631.

In the arrangement of names common to more than one person, chronology has been the chief consideration, though rulers of the same dynasty have been kept together, and Englishmen come in the order of their Cliri.stian names. Its object and its plan differ from those of more elaborate Indian Glossaries, of which a list ^ may be found in the second edition of Yule and Burnell's Hobsott-Jobson (pp. Throughout the Gazetteer the use of vernacular terms has been generally avoided, except where they could not be translated concisely, or where they were intentionally introduced for the benefit of readers in India.

Some inconsistency may be detected in the order of composite words, as to which there seems to be no absolute agreement among index-makers, especially when dealing with Oriental com- pounds. Such vernacular terms are explained in the Glossary, which also includes English expressions that have acquired technical meanings in official use.

(i) Land held on the bhum tenure; (2) a petty chiefship in Central India (viii, pp.

Central Provinces and Central India ; rahar, Bengal. Name in Southern India for a small millet, Paspalum scrobiculatmn ; syn.

A sheet worn as a shawl by men, and sometimes by women.