Dating a girl who has a boyfriend romance dating service

17-Jul-2017 13:44

Does he tell her secrets about stuff that he doesn't tell you?Does she always know he's in a bad mood before you do?There is really no reason that he wouldn't want you to meet his best friend unless something shady was going on.

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Source: Shutter Stock When you hang out with the two of them, how do you feel? Source: Shutter Stock I say this all the time, but go with your gut. Source: Shutter Stock Are you dating a guy with a girl best friend?

If he brings up her name no matter what you two are talking about, that's a good indication that she's on his mind a little too much.

Source: Shutter Stock If he's really uncomfortable with the idea of you two becoming friendly, that could be a problem.

Source: Shutter Stock I tend to ignore what other people are saying around me, especially when it's about my relationship - it's none of their business!

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But if other people, especially his friends or your friends or even are her friends, are always making comments that your BF might be crushing on his best friend, that could be a bad sign. Or does he make you feel like a third wheel but giving her all of his attention, talking only about inside jokes and sort of flirting? I can't tell you for sure if your BF is crushing on his girl BFF.

and it happens even more when your boyfriend has a best friend who’s a girl.