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The Sheep and Ox couple will be happy to stay at home cuddling in front of the fire as neither has a strong desire for the limelight or social scene. However, they will dramatically differ in what that means based on the differences in their personalities.

There will never be a lack of love in the Sheep-Ox relationship, even if it is not overly exciting.

One overwhelming positive for this pair is that the male Ox plays nicely into the role of caretaker.

This is strongly desired by the Goat – especially the female Sheep.

These professions also require long hours and hard work.

The Ox also makes a good salesperson, since they will work hard to go after leads and will persist when others might give up.

Likewise the emotionally intelligent Goat male will provide a committed and secure element to the relationship for the Ox female. This commonality may be the rock upon which the two can build.

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The Ox tends to be conservative-leaning with their values and beliefs, so they may be a bit more closed-minded than some of the other Chinese zodiac signs.

The Ox does not run away when faced with hard work and difficult conditions.

These personality traits serve them well when the going gets tough.

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Instead, they tackle it head-on, with their unique endurance to get them through the challenge.The stubborn Ox also may not appreciate their lover’s need for perfection.