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You wouldn’t pick that up if you watched only the anime. I would assume they weren’t spoiled, wealthy kids like in “Alpha Dog”.

They look more like the kids in Larry Clark’s “Bully” or “Menace 2 Society” or “The Outsiders”.

This scene has to be that important, that climactic. If these gangsters were 14 and looked like Justin Bieber, it’s not going to work.

Young gangsters are messed up and hardened, so they need to look it. Maybe the characters can be at least 16 and the older is about 20.

One iconic item that needs to be stolen is Kaneda’s bike and will represent the phallic object that Tetsuo covets. It is a pivotal scene in the manga when Tetsuo kills him.

It crystallizes that Tetsuo has now fully “turned” and is using all his newfound powers at will.

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Unfortunately, the reality is Hollywood doesn’t see it that way and their common practice is to cast what audiences PAY to see: non-Asian headliners and characters. Depict semi-authentic gang culture Kaneda, his gang, and their rivals are bad kids, or at least they look bad.

Of course, I’ve been wrong about these kinds of projects before.

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See: Eva Frodl-Kraft: "Die mittelalterlichen Glasgemlde in Niedersterreich" 1. Lying-down S followed by double-stroked H: Could be Era or Ter(r)a, or just Ehre (if it is a H signifying the greek eta vowel sound? Also you are right that the ligature looking "ORx" on the sandstone relief is pretty interesting. We have three F's and the 2 possible incomplete ones (could also be greek Gamma's) and 1 "strange letter" (heightened small letter near the end of the first line), between an F and the lying down S (which in final occurrence could be -ur/-tur). Both lines seems to have three recurring EX's [where the "C" should be an E] and two recurring FRH (though the second one is questionable in each line). S ending in line one is unique, but the second line is likely incomplete as no ends it.… continue reading »

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