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31-Dec-2017 22:38

There are 3 in the series, and she’s written a 4th book which is being published worldwide in September I think. I also started on the Fairwick Chronicles by Carol Goodman.First book is called Incubus (although was republished as ‘The Demon Lover’ by Juliet Dark, only god knows why – I have the Incubus version) & it’s basically what you’d expect from a book with that title – a mix of gothic fantasy & eroticism.It’s surprising how much I’ve talked about, especially from my uneventful life here on the North Island of NZ.I know I’ll never be able to stop guys messaging me on my profiles/pages asking when a new post will be, but that’s ok – I’m learning to just look past it.We had wild hedgehogs which would come every night to eat the leftover cat food, but midway through the summer they must’ve died due to all the lack of groundwater & I’ve only seen one since.Our cats caught twice as many birds as well, my mum said it was because they were all dehydrated & all the insects were dying – so not as much food for them.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.I also would have to race home from work & water all the plants before it got dark (which was a bitch, but had to be done otherwise they’d all have dyed).

The flowers that I ordered for a funeral arrived well on time, for which I was very grateful.… continue reading »

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The quality of the cams is the important factor of a live cam site. Of course, it depends on the choice of the cam performers as well.… continue reading »

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