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The name is said to be derived from Aa/tt Tra (lampa, a shining light), the Phocean emigrants having determined to plant the new colony where they first beheld a shining light.Situated in a position to command all the advantages of a great maritime commerce, the people of this state adopted the winged sea-horse as their monetary type, in allusion to the fleetness of their vessels; above the horse is a small object which Sestini describes as a flower, but which may be a star, perhaps in allusion to the one which, shining with unusual brightness at the period of emigration, determined the site of the new city. is a double stater of Cyzicus, a colony of Miletus, which received its name from its founder and first king.

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These coins exhibit different degrees of rudeness ; those of Lampsacus, Colo- phon, and Cyzicus, judging from the greater regularity of the punch-mark, being more recent than many of the others.Later coins of the Lampsaceans have a head of Nep- tune, wearing the pileum or cap of liberty wreathed with laurel, which would scarcely have been attributed to this place but for examples of a later period, in which the head in question is accompanied on the reverse by the well-known type of the winged sea-horse peculiar to Lampsacus. Its gold staters were, perhaps, more celebrated than any other gold coin of the Greeks, and after those of many other places ceased to be struck, either through the subjugation or destruction of the cities or states, or from other causes, the mint of Cyzicus continued in activity not only throughout the whole period of Grecian greatness, but during the Eoman domination, even down to the reign of Jus- tinian, which, counting from the fall of the Western Empire, brings these coins into modern history. The well- known type of the later coins of Cyzicus, the lion's head accompanied by a fish, is also found on half staters of the standard of Cyzicus, but more generally without the fish, showing that the lion's head alone was the simple original symbol adopted for the coins of this state.