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The desire to create a south Papua province and a central Papua province has been expressed for some time, but previous governor Barnabas Suebu did not give his approval.Based on the Papua Special Autonomy Law, the creation of new provinces in Papua should be approved by the Papua governor, the provincial legislative council (DPRD) and the Papua People's Council (MRP) before being submitted to the central government."The local government should pay serious attention to the high maternal mortality rate.

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"Outsiders are coming to Papua to get government paychecks while the natives are forgotten." He pointed to the creation of Nduga regency in 2010, which had witnessed continuous conflict.The commission claims, in a report released on October 24, that both US- supplied Bronco aircraft and Iroquois helicopters were used in bombing and strafing runs over Papuan villages that were suspected of aiding the Free Papua Movement (or OPM).

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