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11-Nov-2017 09:43

Once you’ve both sent each other either a heart or a charm, you’ll be able to chat.Now, how I’d recently deleted all dating apps from my phone and deactivated all accounts. Because they were dead space – I hadn’t used them in the last year or so, and I’d only log on for entertainment purposes.Speaking of which, I did a quick search on a rather shady looking guy claiming to be a Russian entrepreneur – turns out that not only is he married – On the downside?If you live in, say, Lutefisk, Minnesota (population: 1,450) then you’re probably going to get matched with everyone you went to grade school with and your uncle’s creepy friend. Also, not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it would be cool to see Happn integrate with Foursquare or Facebook Places to connect with people who, say, might be at the same bar as you.Assuming it would show the same 8.5 guys or so that I’d ‘cross paths with’.To my surprise, there are actually many more people I’ve crossed paths with, and also are on Happn.

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In a way, this is a pretty interesting way of being matched – you’re essentially getting matched with people whose lifestyle and interests are similar to yours.

Sometimes, it’s fun to try a more “serious” dating app.

But at other times, you want a dating app that just lets you get down to the fun part of dating.

Yeah – that probably is just encouraging lack of social skills, but it would be interesting to test out.

I have to admit, I’m not very active or eager about online dating.It’s like Craiglist’s Missed Connections meets Tinder meets geolocation app.