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04-Sep-2017 07:16

He enjoyed cutting and baling hay and watching his cows graze.On Sunday mornings, Eddie and Cathy enjoyed their cup of coffee while admiring the beauty they had created on the family farm.

Pharmacy school at the University of Florida brought Eddie to the Gainesville area where he graduated in 1977.

Eddie married the love of his life and soulmate, Cathy Shipp, on June 30, 1984. Many people note him as the most determined and hardest worker one has ever met.

In terms of artistic style, the works of both artists are extremely symbolic in nature; they displace and remix images, spaces and symbols, and reorganize mundane objects through theatricality in order to concentrate and distill real world issues, creating a whole new kind of tension among the everyday objects.… continue reading »

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The house within Gone Home” is filled up with nods towards the genre of games that inspired it; one subtopic challenged learners to collect the particular hidden references.… continue reading »

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