Long distance relationship dating other people dating kp stzajka

12-Dec-2017 04:18

So he would ask who I was texting, and if I was free then why wasn’t it him I was talking to?

When I went for a coffee with a male friend at work to discuss something business related, John asked why I couldn’t stay at work and discuss the issue there instead of going out for coffee.

I sensed a real chemistry between us, and thought the relationship had enough potential to give it a chance, even though we lived in different countries.He loved to receive photos, so I made sure I provided him with pictures of my daily activities (although thinking about it afterwards, I’m not sure if this was just him trying to keep tabs on my schedule and making sure I was where I said I was going to be.) But nothing changed.It wasn’t that I wasn’t listening to his concerns or unwilling to change in some ways, I was. However, he just could not tolerate me any time with male friends, or with colleagues outside of work.He could not shake his thoughts and fears that I could be cheating was something he couldn’t shake.

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I visited the USA six weeks after our first visit, still hoping he could change in this area. He wouldn’t let me out of his sight for a minute, even to drive into town to purchase dog food! I was very tired one evening after a busy day, so I said I’d talk to him the next day (our conversations were never just ten minutes, always at least an hour, and I just didn’t have the energy for that because I also had to be up early the next morning.) He texted me during that night to inform me he thought it was “bulls**t that I wouldn’t talk to him.He claimed to have realized where he was going wrong.

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