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The result was a flood of what he called profanity-laced attacks from readers threatening never to buy the paper again. years after that 1957 debut, then, Andy is still as unrepentantly alive as ever.Thats a remarkable achievement for any newspaper strip, but all the more so for one thats not been able to rely on the cute children and animals of a Peanuts or a Garfield for any part of its success.Both men struck out in bravely original directions with their chosen strips, Schulz by reflecting 1950s Americas growing obsession with psycho-analysis, and Smythe by offering a brutal kitchen-sink realism many years before British film or television plucked up the courage to do Andy on any measure you care to take, whether that be creators tenure, syndication reach, total readership, merchandising income, international sales or adaptions in other media.That gives Chic a 43-year tenure, edging out Smythes 41, and Blondie a total lifespan to date of 82 years against Andys 55.The 47 countries where Blondie runs and 35 languages its been translated into are equally impressive.Personally, I think youd find it hard to argue that Youngs work is anything like as elegant or as funny as Smythes, but you certainly cant deny his success.

, found when he accidentally omitted one of the new teams strips from his papers March 1, 2010 edition. Particularly this comic strip, set in a foreign milieu and celebrating the life of a character whos not very likeable?Whether you look at the statistics that chart his success or the sheer skill and consistency of the strips he produced, all his British competitors are left in the dust.Even on the global stage, his equals can be counted on one must scrabble around on the internet for second-hand copies of Smythes 62 paperback collections, all of which are now out of print.

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Theres no guarantee any volume will present its strips in proper chronological order, and they contain no supporting information whatsoever.leaves just Peanuts and Blondie, and here I must admit the statistics have Andy beat.

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