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That’s something really easy that you can do because then they also get exposure from your efforts.Go in with the relationship with what you can give. If you want to see more videos like this, go to my blog at Gideon Shalwick Right click here to download today’s video to your computer Click Here To Read The Transcript Inside this video, I want to talk about my 5 biggest tips for getting exposure on You Tube.In one of my other You Tube channels, I’ve been able to build an email list of over 18,000 people now over the last ten months.Over the last few years, especially the last 12 months, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me how to get more views on You Tube.

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The other thing I recommend for description area is to write it almost like a blog post. Don’t be afraid to add quite a lot of content there.And currently, we are getting about 4,000 views per day on our You Tube channel and that’s only on the last ten months or so.The other thing is we are building our email list by about hundred people per day.Basically that just turned your link into a clickable link so that when people click on it, it will take them straight to your website.

I’ve seen many, many videos online–on You Tube in particular and they got like millions of views and they don’t have a link anywhere in the description area.the article talks about how people love to customize their mobile phones and especially love to play with ring tones. here in europe, the top five naffest, geekiest and most ridiculous ringtones are:1) nokia tune2) mission: impossible3) thunderbirds theme4) ode to joy5) anything by abba – by chrispconsidering abba is the one of the very few bands in the world to have completely banned the use of their songs as ringtones -5)would not be naff, but a sound achievement! hmmm, this coming from someone who has starship's (nothing's gonna stop us now) as their 'tone de choix' – by flopsybunnyok a couple of comments: 1) when your in a meeting 'turn the phone to silent or turn it off'.